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Actual Cold Call Breakdowns

In these videos Brent breaks down actual cold calls his phone prospectors made so you can see how it’s done — these calls resulted in deals so check them out!

This call by Fran was NOT perfect but… who cares! Offer Arizona still got the deal and made $28,000! Use the scripts and take MASSIVE, imperfect action and you will win!

Two things here: 1 – Jeremy did a great job “mirroring and matching” the seller and, 2 – By prequalifying the condition of the property, Offer Arizona was able to get the deal for $30,000 less than the seller originally said he’d consider! 

You gotta hear this! Leah does a beautiful job explaining the benefits of a cash offer and, “confirming and approving” what the seller said in order to PULL the property condition and price out. 

Watch two of Brent’s phone prospectors Talk To People: you’ll see Erick on a cold call and, Natasha following up with a lead. Awesome jobs done!